Photography Classes

The next lesson we'll try to get a real effect of the rain on a simple picture and decorate it with a rainbow, which must be done also by ourselves.

Desert Storm

Adobe Photoshop has all the necessary means to get almost a real desert storm on simple picture only in several minutes. 

The Starry Photoshop Light Filters

This lesson you’ll learn how to insert on the picture real looking stars – highlights and create your own brushes sets. You may choose in the Photoshop any placement for the highlights and draw the stars with the quantity of rays on your wish. You may also change the stars’ shapes and sizes.

Pop Art Portrait

The next lesson we’ll try creating a striking artwork, in the pop-art style, made on the comics’ subject. Using the Photoshop standard filters, try to imitate a pop – art work out of a usual picture.

Exotic Car

Many of you had seen a photographic mosaic on the photo artists’ works, maybe on the posters on the web-sites’ design. It’s amazing how can be a picture divided into the smallest elements – separate elements of a certain color and brightness. The traditional mosaic art is based on the same principle. 

The effect of Tilt-shift camera lens

The next lesson is about how is it possible to get the effect of Tilt-Shift camera lens to your photos.

Professional Portrait

Today I want to show you how several corrected layers in different blending modes may transform a simple picture into a very dynamic and striking one. The operation needs to insert a monochrome layer and small grain effect which gives the face an intensive expressiveness. The technology consists of combining certain layers with different blending modes.
This lesson we’ll try to get an unusual visual effect by creating selections with Color Range.

The Night Shooting

The night shooting usually takes place on a long exposure that is why all the moving luminous objects leave very evident lines and flames. Let’s try making some experiments with a luminous Ferris wheel. We’ll need in this case the Radial Blur filter and some of experience working with layer masks.

Watermark Effects

Seeing the next suggestions, you’ll learn how to protect your pictures from an unsanctioned use.

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